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Become A Sponsor

Sponsor a member, a project, or our program.

This page is under construction. However, take a look at some of our most significant areas of contribution then head back to our donation page to donate! Our donation form will give you the opportunity to select one of the many areas of funding needs and specific member support!

Sponsor a member


If you want to see your support go directly to a member, you can elect to do just that. Our members pay over $1k to participate in this activity and every dollar helps defray the costs of the season. 

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Help fund a project

It's more than drumming. Our productions sometimes require fabrication, securing copyrighted material, and other projects within our overall endeavor. You can elect to have your contribution go directly toward the reserves for prop building, floor purchases, music copyright, and more. 

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Support tour costs


Loading up instruments and members is no small feat. The single most expensive element of our season is travel. Fuel, equipment trucks, hotels, and other travel expenses are the primary draw on our financial resources. Having the funds to travel effectively is what makes Vegas Vanguard special for our members and their opportunity to perform for communities outside their own and experience competition on a national level. 

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Donate services

Are you seriously skilled in something? Do you own a restaurant or know someone that does? Do you have a trailer that hasn't been pulled in a while? If you think you have a resource at your disposal that may be useful for our program, let us know! 

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