Educational Team

A bit about our educational staff…

At Vegas Vanguard, we value character above all else. Our operation is a small one that has maintained itself by a labor of love for over 15 years and will continue to do so for 15 more! We believe in pedagogy founded in positivity that builds character through an “inside-out” learning experience. We believe in a philosophy of information over intimidation that places ownership on the tools our educators give the members to perform at the highest level possible.

While we do not lead the charge with a staggering cache of highly-accomplished marching artists, we are comprised of individuals with both education and performance acumen from the high school, collegiate and professional realms, individuals with years of commitment to Vegas Vanguard, and most of all, teachers with a students first mentality that foster personal growth and an awareness of values that transcend drumming and music.

If you feel that you fit this mold, please join us in providing more knowledge and inspiration to our community of young adults!

Educational & Design Staff

Kyle Bissantz
Program Director / Music Arranger
Battery Coordinator / Tenor specialist

Michaela Grillo
Front Ensemble Coordinator

Chris Amezquita
Snare specialist
Visual Technique specialist

Erika Hill
Bass specialist

Ryan Perez
Cymbal specialist

Jenn Rousch & Eddie Morales
Costume Design


Ike Jackson (concept and drill design)
Ayala HS / Mandarins Drum & Bugle Corps

Alex Tomlinson (audio/amplification)
Cypress Falls High School

Bob Cannon (concept and music curation)
Rock Hill, SC


Volunteer Team

Michaela Grillo
Multimedia Specialist

Souvenir/Merchandise team

Irene Amezquita
Food team

Joan Lima
Food team

Jeanette Aguilar
Equipment truck driver


Board of Directors

Brian Howerton - email
Founder and President

Joan Lima - email

Irene Amezquita - email

Jon Speas - email

Kyle Bissantz - email
Member / Program Director

Jeanette Aguilar - email

Erika Hill - email