Troy Sirat - Family Forever

Troy Sirat joined Vegas Vanguard in 2010, but he was more than just a member—he was family. Troy was around Vegas Vanguard since his father (Robb Sirat) joined as a staff member in 2005, and he regularly attended rehearsals and shows until joining the group in 2010 as a member of the front ensemble (synth/sampler/auxiliary player), becoming the youngest member in Vegas Vanguard history. 

In 2011, Troy made the Bass line (Bass 3) and participated in the ensemble's first trip to WGI Championships in Dayton, Ohio, where the ensemble was fortunate enough to place 3rd in the Independent A Class, winning the Bronze Medal.

His story as a member has been passed on to our current members, and his legacy and spirit as a contribution to the ever-growing family of Vegas Vanguard now lives in the heads and hearts of those who succeed him. 

Though painful, we will continue forward with hope in our hearts. Troy's passing represents those of the Vegas Vanguard family who have now come and gone in this life but whose character lives on—having left and indelible mark on our heritage—strengthening that which makes Vegas Vanguard an entity truly larger than life itself.

We are blessed to have had Troy with us on the floor and now with us in memory and spirit. We will take him with us now and forever.

Kyle Bissantz