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Recap and Openings

The primary audition days for for Vegas Vanguard’s 2019 have concluded as of 8pm Sunday October 28, 2018. Many eager and talented individuals arrived to prove themselves as valuable additions to our family and have secured their place in our ensemble. There are currently no openings for the 2019, but we hope to see you out next season.

Read below for information on our 2018 auditions and what to expect for 2019.


no openings at this time

(updated as of 02/15/19 11:31AM)

Audition Process for Openings

You must register here as you would have for the initial auditions; you will receive the audition material electronically. After registration, you will receive email communication from us regarding your audition. You will be asked to submit a video audition, within a given time frame, performing the audition material of our choice before being considered to attend an upcoming rehearsal and subsequently considered for the position. You will be given the necessary information on location and time in our email correspondence.

Should we feel you’re not ready to join us, your $65 fee will be refunded.
If you are invited to a rehearsal, your $65 fee will remain with Vegas Vanguard as your official registration fee.

When and where were the primary auditions?

Did you miss out on your chance? Consider putting these dates in your calendar a year from now to have a good idea when they’ll be here next year!


Del Sol Academy of the Performing Arts
3100 E Patrick Late
Las Vegas, NV 89120


First Audition
Sunday October 21 || 10PM - 8PM
Sunday October 28 || 10AM - 8PM

How much were/are they and why?

Registration Fee - $75.00

Audition fees are required to support the initial startup costs of a season such as the fees we must pay to utilize facilities, transport equipment, and other necessities that are ultimately spent on YOU. Equally as important, fees are also a way for you to show that you are committed to potentially sacrificing both a great deal of time and finances to join us for an incredible season.

**please also note that these fees are non-refundable under no circumstances

Make sure you visit the detailed audition pages for Battery and/or Front Ensemble before registering to audition for an open spot. 


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