Audition Information


Photo credit: Eric Keoudone

Photo credit: Eric Keoudone


General Skill & Knowledge Requirements

Things To Bring

  • Aptitude in music reading and a moderate level of sight-reading skills.

  • An understanding and ability to navigate, at minimum, the first 30 of the 40 International Drum Rudiments.
    **Hybrid flam and paradiddle rudiments (e.g. cheeses, flam fives, Book Reports, etc.) are encouraged.**
    ^^not required for cymbal auditions^^

  • A working knowledge of the technique applicable to your audition instrument.

    • traditional-grip snare drum

    • multi-tenor drum

    • bass drum

    • marching cymbals

  • Physical capacity to wear and carry very heavy equipment

  • An understanding of mark time and marching basics including:

    • Forward and backward march

    • Side and oblique crab step

A good attitude and willingness to learn material and techniques that may be a departure from what you are accustomed.

  • White-taped marching sticks

    • Bass mallets will be provided
      (you are still welcome to bring your own)

  • 3-ring binder with...

    • page protectors

    • ruled paper for notes

    • Pencil and eraser

    • Highlighters (for bass drummers)

    • Clothes pins
      (to pin music if we are outside)

  • Water and dry snacks

  • Sunscreen and/or protective clothing

  • EARPLUGS (mandatory)

  • A drum pad and height-appropriate snare stand

  • A metronome (or metronome app)

  • Athletic shoes and clothing.
    No sandals/flats/skater shoes. No jeans.

  • Bandages and/or athletic tape for blisters

What to expect

Expect a very long and exhausting, yet fulfilling, day of auditioning. Do not expect to feel extreme pressure to execute flawlessly from beginning to end. Just prepare to receive and apply information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You are not evaluated on your talent or immediate ability as much as you may think, nor are you considered superior or otherwise based on your affiliation or lack thereof with various programs and/or past performance experience.

90% of your evaluation is your attitude, preparedness with our material, and capacity to learn, quickly, our way of playing and performing. You are also scrutinized on the content of your character and how you interact amicably with your auditioning competition, staff, and others.

Remember we are auditioning people first and drummers second, that we will spend hundreds of hours with over the next 7-8 months.